IATA is an international trade body, created over 60 years ago by a group of airlines. Today, IATA represents some 240 airlines comprising 84% of total air traffic. Over 60 years, IATA has developed the commercial standards that built a global industry. Today, IATA's mission is to represent, lead and serve the airline industry. Ms. Nicole Boussioti


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From: £9.00 (£10.80 inc VAT) per pack. Pack Details  ADR, IMDG, IATA. UN 1950. 14.2 UN Proper Shipping Name. ADR. IMDG IATA .

Un 1950 iata

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AEROSOLS, flammable. · 14.3 Faroklass  AVSNITT 14: TRANSPORTINFORMATION. Enligt kraven av ADR / RID / IMDG / IATA / ADN. ADR. IMDG. IATA. RID. 14.1.

UN number: UN 1950. AEROSOLS, flammable.

IMDG. IATA. ADN. RID. 14.1. UN-nummer. 1950. 1950. 1950. 1950. 1950. 14.2. Officiell transportbenämning. AEROSOLER. AEROSOLS. Aerosols, flammable.

(UN 3164) UN1088 Acetal 3 II FLAMMABLE LIQUID Y341 1 L 353 5 L 364 30 L IATA's Dangerous Goods Regulation (DGR) helps you classify, mark, pack, label and document dangerous shipments and hazardous materials in compliance with air transport regulations AEROSOLS, asphyxiant ADR 2017 - English - UN 1950 - ADR BOOK UN 1950 Class 2.2 Aerosols, poison, Packing Group III (each not exceeding 1 L capacity) All Placards and Orange Panels are available in 6 different materials. Laminated 200 lb. Tag-board Durable and Economically priced - Non Adhesive.

Un 1950 iata

IATA reserves the right to add or change information at any time. Links to third party websites of third parties are offered as a courtesy. IATA expresses no opinion on the content of the websites of third parties and does not accept any responsibility for third-party information.


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Population. Population, surface area and density; PDF | CSV Updated: 5-Nov-2020; International migrants and refugees International Air Transport Association (acronim IATA, română Asociația Internațională de Transport Aerian) este o organizație comercială internațională a companiilor aeriene, cu sediul central în Montreal, Quebec, Canada (unde își are sediul central și ICAO, deși cele două sunt entități diferite). Mixed loading prohibited with UN Nos bearing labels: class 1 (except 1.4S) and 4.1+1 (UN3221,3222, 3231, 3232) and 5.2+1 (UN3101, 3102, 3111, 3112) The CEFIC Emergency Response Intervention Cards (ERICards) www.ericards.net: International Chemical Safety Cards: International Chemical Safety Cards Edition by IATA DGR (International Air Transport Association, Dangerous Goods Regulation). Next changes are planned and come into force on the 1st of January 2021.

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(UN 1950, Kl. 2, 5T/5TF/5TOC) max. 1 Liter je Gegenstand (Spraydose / Gaskartusche) max.10 Liter je Versandstück gem. Sondervorschrift 594 des ADR

ADR. UN1950. 14.1.

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How to Assign Packing Group. Little Pro on 2016-05-23 Views: . Dangerous goods are assigned into 3 packing groups (also known as UN Packing Group) in accordance with the degree of danger they present:

14.1 UN-nummer. ADR. : UN 1950. RID. : UN 1950. IMDG. : UN 1950. IATA.